Different ways of putting pressure on the throat

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Different ways of putting pressure on the throat

The throat is a combination of external and internal body parts composed of critical soft tissues that can be easily damaged. Simply swallowing something too sharp or big can damage your throat. Meanwhile, a blow to the throat or strangulation can also cause massive damage. Anything that involves a break into the skin can be quite dangerous because your throat is also home to major arteries and veins; hence, serious bleeding can occur.

In the practice of self-defense, there are attacks that are directed towards the throat, particularly the windpipe. Two of these are called the stranglehold and the neck choke.

How does stranglehold do damage?

There are numerous ways to strangle your opponent. First, you can do a front stranglehold wherein you bring your opponent’s head down, then you wrap your arm around the neck before you squeeze using your other hand to assist your arm. You can enter into a front stranglehold position using the front hand mobilization technique to strike your opponent’s face. Once stunned, you can execute the front stranglehold. You can also slap your opponent’s neck with your front hand before you pull him/her in and then you strangle.

Second, there’s the top stranglehold, wherein you will attack your opponent from behind. Third, there’s the side stranglehold wherein you move to your opponent’s side to wrap your arms around his/her neck and squeeze. Lastly, there’s the rear stranglehold wherein you are behind your opponent when you apply pressure to his/her neck.

In all these types of strangleholds, you have to make sure that you position your arm directly to your opponent’s windpipe, but also putting pressure on their arteries.  This “one-two” attack of harming the windpipe (middle of neck) and arteries (side of neck) accelerates the pressure on the opponent’s neck – making them either “tap out” or pass out.

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